Monday, 3 August 2009

The unique opportunity of online collaboration

It occurs to me that the possiblities presented by using technology to collaborate are massive, you can assemble teams that woulldn't naturally have the opportunity to work together. Crowdsourcing using sites like can enable teams of really capable individuals to solve problems and generate new concepts.

The limitations of the communication that is not face to face are more than compensated for by the people who are "sitting around the table".


  1. I think that in order to allow a socializing, human aspect to online collaboration.. some component of social networking should be part of the collaboration.

    The project management tool I work at ( a blog and microblogging feature. Do you think this would be helpful?

  2. Thank you for your comment, great to hear your view and always interesting to hear about a tool that someone finds useful.

    It is an interesting thought about socialising...... In my experience a lot of the people who I work with are getting that aspect from more traditional face to face meeting. Where face to face isn't possible then audio meetings tends to be quite key and does allow a higher level of interactivity than a social network group.

    I can see though that these "traditional" tools do have a limit of being real-time and are reliant on people speaking a shared language. I suspect also that on a larger project social networking tools might become increasingly useful and also for groups that like them. So I don't see them as a must have bit I can see that they would be helpful to certain teams.