Monday, 6 April 2009

Online meeting 6 April 2009

Activity - Meeting to review a number of software projects being developed


Participants - 3 software development company team members, 2 client participants, 1 consultant


Technologies - skype was used as a telephone conferencing tool. The agenda had previously been sent out using outlook as a meeting invite. 


Joining the meeting


I used Skype for a conference call,  I could set it to ring several numbers at the same time, and so I did, the problem is the fact you get loads of answers all at once, which is even worse if you are going through switchboards. I had to stop and redial using the conference call option with just one participant and then adding others in one at a time. Each time the current people who are in the call can hear the ringing of the phone at the other end.


This I guess still doesn't work as nicely as the old fashioned dial-in conference call where it announces each attendee as they arrive.


The cost was relatively high for me as I was paying for all of the 3 calls to participants in York, Louth and Hull. This was still better value overall than a premium conference call service where everyone would have been paying 10p per minute. I think next time I try Skype I will give out my Skype-in number for people to dial in to and try my hand at adding them in as they turn up. It should save on cost and might be a better experience.


The voice quality was ok, there was a bit of echo which I suspect was down to one of the participant's phones.


During the meeting


We didn't screen share, truthfully I forgot to set it up. We had a successful meeting reviewing our actions with me facilitating it. I suspect having a screen share of the agenda would have added a little value, giving everyone something to look at. We did talk about a couple of software applications and some design work which would have been useful to show in support. Upon reflection the ideal scenario for screen sharing in this case would have been everyone able to screen share.


I am conscious that Skype requires installation on a person's machine, although people could maybe do screen shares using a plug-in.




It was a little too disjointed calling out with skype and I missed a chance to webshare

  • Next time I intend to use a normal conference call number or get them to call me, calling out is too messy
  • I'll use a web share for the agenda next time