Thursday, 4 June 2009

A Quick Fix - that worked

Activity - Quick use of Instant Messaging and Screen Share to fix a problem

Participants - 1 software developer and 1 consultant 

Technologies -yuuguu was used as IM tool and to webshare the consultant's screen.

I was checking a web application that had been developed and I realised some of the data wasn't right. 

I saw that the developer was available on my Instant Messenger and so I said a quick hello and mentioned I needed some data changing. I also shared my screen so he could see what I was looking at. He confirmed in quick line what I meant. 

5 minutes later he asked me to refresh my browser and I could see he had fixed it and so I confirmed the fix. Very few lines of text were exchanged and we got a quick fix with little disruption to both of us. If I had tried to just e-mail the change it wouldn't have been easy to comprehend and if I had tried to phone through it would have taken far longer